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Many things happens in pyjamas and more things happen at a pyjama party. 

Are you looking to travel, build quality connections and enjoy more your time?! If so, we prepared a unique experience for you this year 😊

I'm dreaming to add a castle retreat to my list, for the last few years. Getting dressed up in pyjama and throwing a three-day party in a castle all about joy must be a DREAM COME TRUE in 2021! And it is! 

After the hectic 2020, we need to laugh, to cry, to stay up late by the fire and swimming pool, drink champagne, wine, cheese and enjoy the exquisite French cuisine - include all your guilty pleasures! We will be a big group of people or 4 small groups (depending of the evolution of pandemic around the world) with the goal to fill a beautiful castle on the Juan les Pins beach (where Coco Chanel brought pyjamas in a whole new light a century ago) with joyful hearts! People who will be with us are incredibly kind-hearted, serving just like me, in the pursuit to spread joy, and believing in The Power To Create, to build stories for the curious traveler, the creative, thinkers, an event and a tool for self expression not necessary better, but different! 

The concept we are promoting is that we are not trying to be everything for everyone. We want to build the store synonymous with entrepreneur, travelers, artists and thinkers. A lifestyle brand focused on creativity, exploration, culture, and personal expression - a freedom for creativity. Designers, architects writers, artists and travelers, owning one of our products tells the world that the user has a refined tastes. 

We want to reward loyal consumers who give us their trust, consumers that love products that are novel, in special editions and more important, customers who cherish friendship during the night with the most coziest clothes. Stores ideas and feelings releasing its energy over time. 

I wanted The Joyful people, influencers, journalists, businesses packed with purpose and a side of relaxation. The chance to be stirred up and to sleep in, ya know? It's a fine line, but I think we'll nail it!

Come join us at the biggest Pyjama Party in a Castle, in South of France with more 250 people! It's my dream to indulge in the spirit of Provence.

By joining us in this exclusive retreat you will get crazy opportunities like: instant vouchers for Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, discounts at airlines tickets; free parties and many more. 

To get into this event you just need to be one of the first 250 clients of our brand and spend at least $250 in our Pyjama Set Collection. And of course, you will need to bring them for the event 😉 Attention! This is not picking winners, you are already IN! You just need to be one of the first 250 people to BUY our pyjama set collection. About Covid-19 restrictions: we will have everything adapted due to Covid situation, so the 250 people will be spread into different event days with a secure limit of people per event day and the social time will be always outside enjoying the fresh air and good weather. Your safety is one of our main priorities!


Stay tuned because we will be revealing new information every day and this post will be updated constantly! 

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Save your spot by purchasing your beautiful and luxury pyjama set hereIf you have any questions, make sure to contact us through any social media channels, Email:, WhattsApp: +60132008923, Telegram: @AndreeaB, Skype: andreea.bondoc 

Be part of our community, come and share the joy with us! You won't regret it!