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Perfect length for the young and the restless, season-less for a night out or a day dress. Elegantly embroidered with the finest cotton yarn and lace. Made of 100% Rayon with Dobby texture. Hand washed in cold water, drip dry or machine washing, using the gentle cycle, drip line dried. You can briefly toss in the dryer with a damp towel to soften the fabric. Warm iron only, too much direct heat may scorch the fabric.


Can you control volume with Earbuds?

No, it requires either using the volume buttons on your phone.

How long should Earbuds last?

They should last around 3 hours.

Reviews (2)


The sound is excellent and the battery life is exceptional.

- Kirstin Bull

They are perfect

Pairing is quick an easy, I use these every single day.

- Ashleigh Moon