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Comfortable, light and easy-going attitude. Streamlined staple for casual days for a window shopping or a walk at the beach. Made of 100% linen, the yarns are very strong and washable like cotton and it gets better with washing.

Wash linen textiles in plenty of water separate from other laundry. Wash in 40°C using a gentle cycle. Do not spin or tumble-dry linen. Reshape whilst damp. Lined dry in room temperature, since linen should not be dried too fast. If linen textile is completely dry, it should be dampened before ironing. Roll a dampened textile into a plastic bag for several hours so that the moisture seeps in the fiber evenly. Iron the textile in the direction of the warp.


Can you control volume with Earbuds?

No, it requires either using the volume buttons on your phone.

How long should Earbuds last?

They should last around 3 hours.

Reviews (2)


The sound is excellent and the battery life is exceptional.

- Kirstin Bull

They are perfect

Pairing is quick an easy, I use these every single day.

- Ashleigh Moon