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Food for the open mind.


Raw. Natural. Healthy. Unpasteurized. Unfiltered single source of honey from Romania.


Supercharge your health and support your body when it’s under the weather with super high TA, active healing acacia honey with honeycomb.


Acacia honey is clear and golden in colour, making this honey look like liquid gold surrounding a waxy deliciously sticky honeycomb. If you love honey with a sweet, mild flavour, then acacia honey with honeycomb is ideal for you.


Our highest TA rated honey, eat this honey complete with its honeycomb when the demands on your body and immune system are at their highest, such as when you have a cold, flu or viral infection.


It’s perfectly normal for acacia honey to crystallise in time, especially if stored at cooler temperatures, making it ideal for eating straight from the spoon as well as adding to breakfast cereals and warm drinks. This honeycomb is also ideal for providing relief from coughs and sore throats and can be sucked like a soothing throat lozenge.


Acacia unpasteurised honeys are produced by bees free to forage on acacia trees grown without the use of pesticides in Romania. They’re naturally antimicrobial and rich in antioxidants. When eaten regularly, they support good immunity and good health.

Weight: 1960 g

Limited quantity only 700 kg.

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The sound is excellent and the battery life is exceptional.

- Kirstin Bull

They are perfect

Pairing is quick an easy, I use these every single day.

- Ashleigh Moon