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What is pure ECO royal jelly?   Pure ECO royal jelly is a true biological curiosity, a mystery largely beyond ordinary human understanding, precisely because it has the exceptional property of...


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What is pure ECO royal jelly?


Pure ECO royal jelly is a true biological curiosity, a mystery largely beyond ordinary human understanding, precisely because it has the exceptional property of prolonging the life of the being that feeds on it systematically. Asian cultures consider pure ECO royal jelly to be a tonic that improves overall energy levels, increases immunity and boosts virility.


Benefits of ECO ApiLand pure royal jelly *:

  • Increases immunity and resistance to physical and intellectual effort
  • It acts beneficially on the nervous system
  • Improves overall energy level
  • Helps lower blood cholesterol
  • Helps prevent colds and flu
  • It delays the aging process

ECO pure royal jelly is rich in vitamins and collagen. In nature it is used to feed queen bees (queens). The worker bees that produce it have a lifespan of only five to eight weeks, while the queen bee - fed only pure ECO royal jelly - lives between four and six years, which means more than 50 times more than her smiles. Used correctly and consistently, this miraculous nutrient increases longevity.


With a very rich composition, pure royal jelly ECO is valuable in the nutrition of all - women, men and children alike. It can generally be used as a dietary supplement to compensate for deficiencies caused by our poor diet.


ECO ApiLand pure royal jelly is a quintessential beneficial remedy, the major ingredient of all those who want to stay young. Used regularly in cures, pure royal jelly transfers to the body its exceptional nutritional richness and thus can not only slow down the aging process, but even start the reverse process of regeneration and rejuvenation.


There is no substance on Earth similar to pure ECO royal jelly, which has the truly miraculous effect of stimulating growth, reproductive function and increasing longevity. ECO pure royal jelly is the most powerful food in the world, which is why it is also called "hyperaliment".


As a food and natural remedy with a prophylactic effect, pure royal jelly ECO acts preventively, by providing the body with the most important nutrients it needs or lacks. In addition, it activates, regulates and stimulates biological reactions, provides physical and intellectual energy, harmoniously stimulates the nervous system, blood circulation, gives the body psycho-physical balance and endurance.


It also stimulates and strengthens the body's immunity, prevents and makes the signs of aging disappear. In women, it relieves menopausal symptoms, and in men it relieves the disorders that occur at andropause.


ECO pure royal jelly maintains the well-being of the skin, hair, nails and restores them to a normal state of health. It has an important role in the normal growth and development of children.


Pure royal jelly does not change the glycemic index.

ECO pure royal jelly composition:

Acetylcholine - a compound with a role in transmitting nerve influx
10 HDA - acid that is found naturally only in pure ECO royal jelly amino acids
Minerals and trace elements
Lipids and essential fatty acids
Vitamin B complex - B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B12
3% of the composition of pure ECO royal jelly is not yet identified, which shows the complexity of this product


The main components of pure ECO royal jelly are water, protein, sugars, lipids and mineral salts. Although they show notable variations, the composition of pure ECO royal jelly remains relatively constant, correlated with the different colonies, breeds of bees and periods of the year in which the harvest is made.


ECO pure royal jelly contains all human essential amino acids and a total of 29 amino acids and amino acid compounds that have been identified, the most important being aspartic acid and glutamic acid. The free amino acids are proline and lysine. A number of enzymes are also present, including glucosoxidase, phosphatase and cholinesterase.


The lipid content of ECO pure royal jelly is unique and, in many ways, a very interesting feature. The lipid fraction consists, in proportion of 80-90% of the dry weight, of free fatty acids with unusual and uncommon structures.


Most of them are hydroxylated fatty acids or short-chain dicarboxylic acids of 8 to 10 carbon atoms, as opposed to fatty acids with a number of 14-20 carbon atoms, commonly found in animals and plants. These short-chain fatty acids are responsible for most of the biological properties of pure ECO royal jelly.


The most important mineral salts are, in descending order: K, Ca, Na, Zn, Fe, Cu and Mn, potassium being prevalent. ECO pure royal jelly is a true concentrate of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and lipids).


A brief analysis of the composition of pure ECO royal jelly can give us significant clues as to its multiple health benefits. First of all, vitamin B1, thiamine, is essential for growth, for transforming carbohydrates into energy, for maintaining the health of nerves and muscles. Lack of it leads to low energy, poor digestion, depression, loss of appetite, constipation, headaches, skin conditions.

A second important component of pure ECO royal jelly is vitamin B2, riboflavin, which is essential for growth, for the health of the skin, mouth, eyes and general well-being of the body. In case of deficiency, the hair is dry, the skin is cracked and rough, mouth ulcers appear, the eyes become inflamed and painful, and the resistance to stressors decreases.


The third important component of pure ECO royal jelly is vitamin B3, niacin - essential for growth, skin health, digestion of carbohydrates and the nervous system. In case of deficiency, digestive disorders, neurological disorders, skin disorders, headaches, insomnia and intestinal disorders occur.


Another important component of pure ECO royal jelly is vitamin B5, pantothenic acid, which helps maintain healthy skin, hair growth and overall growth of all tissues.


Pure ECO royal jelly also contains vitamin B6, pyridoxine, a vitamin essential for the assimilation of proteins, for the health of the skin, nerves and muscles. In case of deficiency of this vitamin, there is an inability to digest the proteins needed for tissue repair and growth, irritability and depression, rashes, insomnia, muscle cramps.


Vitamin B7, inositol, is also part of pure ECO royal jelly. Being an essential ingredient for the optimal functioning of the liver, it prevents the accumulation of fat in the body. In case of deficiency, liver disorders and decreased alcohol tolerance occur.


Another important component of pure ECO royal jelly is vitamin B8, biotin, considered essential by specialists for the health of the skin, nerves and muscles. When it is deficient, however, the hair degrades and thins, eczema occurs.


ECO pure royal jelly also contains vitamin B9, folic acid, which is essential for growth, blood health and fertility. If this vitamin is deficient, blood disorders occur, weakens circulation, anemia, weakness, depression or diarrhea are triggered.


ECO pure royal jelly also has a significant content of vitamin B12, cobalamin, which is responsible for the health of nerves, blood and skin, for proper digestion and assimilation of proteins and in general for growth. If this vitamin is deficient, anemia and fatigue occur, skin and nerve problems or digestive disorders occur.


ECO pure royal jelly is a nutritious sui generis cocktail, designed for raising bees and feeding the queen, and contains lipids, of which 80-85% fatty acids, 4-10% phenols, 5-6% waxes, 3-4% steroids and 0.4-0.8% phospholipids.


ECO pure royal jelly contains dietary fatty acids, such as 10-hydroxy-2-decanoic acid, abbreviated 10HDA, (found only in this true natural elixir), contains 32% fatty acids, as well as gluconic acid (24%). ), 10-hydroxydecanoic acid (22%) and 5% other dicarboxylic acids.


ECO pure royal jelly also contains acetylcholine, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and catabolites such as AMP and AMP-N1 oxide, with the total amount of adenosine ranging from 5.9 to 2,057.4 mg / kg.


Administration of ECO ApiLand pure royal jelly:

Consumption in 6-week cures is recommended for maximum benefits.

It is administered sublingually until completely dissolved, in the morning, 20-30 minutes before a meal.
Children - 0.5 g / day
Adults - 1-2 g / day

Homogenized in honey 2%:
(Ex: 10g pure ECO royal jelly in 500g raw honey)
Children - 1-2 teaspoons / day
Adults -1-2 tablespoons / day

As an ingredient in the preparation of cosmetic treatments for skin or hair.

ECO pure royal jelly is recommended for children over 12 months.

How to store ECO pure royal jelly: store in a refrigerator at 2 ° C to 6 ° C.


The actions most frequently mentioned in the recommendations and which have been constantly confirmed by ApiLand customer reports are grouped into two categories: beneficial effects of internal administration and beneficial effects resulting from the external use of pure ECO royal jelly.


Regarding internal administration, the most common effects are those related to the regulation of appetite, the improvement of the appearance of the skin, the increase of libido and sexual performance, the increase of resistance to viral infections, the decrease of blood pressure in case of hypertension, the increase of blood pressure. blood pressure in case of hypotension, lowering of blood cholesterol levels, improvement of symptoms in case of anemia and arteriosclerosis and in general a considerable improvement of health in case of chronic and incurable diseases.


Pure ECO royal jelly administered orally for 1-2 months, either by swallowing or by sublingual administration in doses of 0.5 - 1gr / day mg daily has a tonic and stimulating effect, with a strong euphoric effect in healthy people.


Regarding external administration, the most common beneficial results are the stimulation of reepithelialization, the healing of skin diseases, the normalization of sebaceous secretion (fatty secretion of the skin glands) and a strong anti-wrinkle effect.


ECO pure royal jelly is an ecological product certified by Ecoinspect.
ECO pure royal jelly is certified by Bio - Romania, having the status of ecological product and natural product.

Important! Because the product includes ingredients from natural sources, it is not standardized in terms of organoleptic properties. Thus, there may be variations in color, odor or appearance from one batch to another, without affecting the efficiency or safety of the product.

Each batch of raw material and finished product is subjected to a rigorous verification process to ensure proper efficiency, bioavailability and safety.


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Eco pure royal jelly -10 g