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The ozone generator Ozone Home 1 can generate up to 1 grams of ozone per hour. It’s a dedicated ozone generator for:

  • People who want to ozonate water and food before consumption.
  • People who are looking for air purification in rooms that do not exceed 30 sqm / room, 2.5 m high.
  • People who want to eliminate bacteria and odors from the car and from the car's air conditioning system.

You can use the ozone generated by Ozone Home 1 for:

  1. Water disinfection: destroys bacteria, odors, color and organic substances in water. It does not oxidize nitrates and nitrites.
  2. Food detoxification: eliminates residual pesticides from vegetables and fruits; it destroys growth hormones and bacteria in meat and fish.
  3. Detoxification and production of ozonized olive oil.
  4. Air deodorization: eliminates unpleasant odors (up to 30 sqm / room). Smells of status, cooked food, spoiled meat, cigarette smoke, animals, smoke and burns, perspiration, odors and bacteria caused by air conditioning installations, etc.
  5. Increased Oxygen: Improves oxygen level for water or air.
  6. Improves health: purifies the air, accelerates human metabolism.
  7. Disinfection: destroys pathogens on work surfaces.
  8. It destroys bacteria and odors from the car and from the car's air conditioning system. (Operating time 60-90 min. / Car. It is used only by home-user customers. This ozone generator is not dedicated to industrial applications).


  • Ozone generator with electric discharge (NO ultraviolet) operation.
  • Ozone Generator Ozone Home 1 - NO consumables!
  • Portable ozone generator.
  • Ozone Home 1 is produced in Romania. European quality.
  • Ozone generator with stainless steel housing.
  • It can also work based on a programmable socket.
  • The raw material used for ozone production is oxygen from ambient air.
  • Ozone can destroy bacteriological load, odors and mold, without adding chemicals, and after the oxidation process, it returns back to the oxygen stage.
  • Ozone is 100% ecological.

Specifications Ozone generator Ozone Home 1

  1. Ozone production: up to 1 gr / h
  2. Concentration: 15-25 mg / L
  3. Power: 34 W
  4. Weight: 2.7 Kg
  5. Dimensions: 28*16.5*18cm

What Ozone Home 1 contains:

  • Ozone Generator Ozone Home 1
  • Bubble stone for water ozonation
  • Silicone tube 1m
  • User manual
  • Warranty certificate - 2 years
  • Certificate of conformity


Is Ozone generators dangerous?
  • All the oxidizers have the same "negative" effects if they are used improperly. The right application is essential to get remarkable results in your processes.

  • As any oxidizer, ozone has also disadvantages, that appear on abusive use - degrades materials, can affect people, pets, plants; oxidizes materials - very "negative" elements.

  • Ozone must be generated. This requires ozone generating equipment.

What should know more about Ozone?

Ozone is more powerful:

  • 25 times bigger than HOCl (hypochlorous)

  • 2500 times bigger than CIO (hypochlorite)

  • 5000 times bigger than NH 2 Cl (aktivin)

Moreover, ozone is at least ten times more powerful than chlorine as disinfectant.

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The sound is excellent and the battery life is exceptional.

- Kirstin Bull

They are perfect

Pairing is quick an easy, I use these every single day.

- Ashleigh Moon