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It is an ideal ozone generator for the kitchen, the whole house and the car. Ozone Home 2 can produce up to 2 grams of ozone per hour, double the Ozone Home 1 model.

This ozone generator model allows you to apply the ozone generated for:

  1. Eliminate residual pesticides from vegetables and fruits.
  2. Destroy bacteriological load, organic load, color and odor in water.
  3. Eliminate growth hormones and bacteria from meat and fish.
  4. Destroy the bacteria and mold in the house.
  5. destroys odors in the house, offices and warehouses (up to 60 sqm / room). Smells of status, cooked food, broken meat, cigarette smoke, animals, smoke and burns, perspiration, etc.
  6. To destroy bacteria and odors from air conditioning installations.
  7. Destroying bacteria and odors in the car and in the air conditioning system of the car. (Operating time 40-60 min/car. Used only by home-user customers. This ozone generator is not dedicated to industrial applications).
  8. Store food in refrigerated spaces.
  9. Disinfect various surfaces.
  10. Detoxification, etc.


  • Ozone generator with electric discharge (NO ultraviolet) operation.
  • Ozone Generator Ozone Home 2 - NO consumables!
  • Portable ozone generator.
  • Ozone Home 2 is produced in Romania. European quality.
  • Ozone generator with stainless steel housing.
  • It can also work based on a programmable socket.
  • The raw material used for ozone production is oxygen from ambient air.
  • Ozone can destroy bacteriological load, odors and mold, without adding chemicals, and after the oxidation process, it returns back to the oxygen stage.
  • Ozone is 100% ecological.

Specifications Ozone generator Ozone Home 2

  1. Ozone production: up to 2 gr / h
  2. Concentration: 15-25 mg / L
  3. Power: 55 W
  4. Weight: 4.5 Kg
  5. Dimensions: 39 cm 21 cm 20.5 cm

What Ozone Home 2 contains:

  • Ozone Generator Ozone Home 2
  • Bubble stone for water ozonation
  • Silicone tube 1m
  • User manual
  • Warranty certificate
  • Certificate of conformity


Is Ozone generators dangerous?
  • All the oxidizers have the same "negative" effects if they are used improperly. The right application is essential to get remarkable results in your processes.

  • As any oxidizer, ozone has also disadvantages, that appear on abusive use - degrades materials, can affect people, pets, plants; oxidizes materials - very "negative" elements.

  • Ozone must be generated. This requires ozone generating equipment.

What should know more about Ozone?

Ozone is more powerful:

  • 25 times bigger than HOCl (hypochlorous)

  • 2500 times bigger than CIO (hypochlorite)

  • 5000 times bigger than NH 2 Cl (aktivin)

Moreover, ozone is at least ten times more powerful than chlorine as disinfectant.

Reviews (2)


The sound is excellent and the battery life is exceptional.

- Kirstin Bull

They are perfect

Pairing is quick an easy, I use these every single day.

- Ashleigh Moon